Laziness: The Business Person’s Biggest Enemy

Laziness: The Business Person’s Biggest Enemy imageHave you ever met someone who always seemed super busy? They are up early and seem to be running on high energy all day long. But, you often notice that seem to be going nowhere fast. They talk a lot about their “plans” and things that they have “going on”, but you never seem to see them making any progress. They are often the same people who start their own “business” which fails and then they do it over again. There is something to be said for failing your way to success, but these people just seem to be busy-workers. They are always running on the hamster wheel and always talking about their destination, but they never arrive anywhere.

Do you see yourself in that description? If you do, it is good that you are getting this realization right now before you find yourself wiped out and exhausted from the constant running. Being busy has nothing to do with being successful. You can be busy and never make any progress in your life at all. Often, staying busy is just a way of avoiding those things that you do not want to do.

How Do You Cure Laziness?

The best cure for laziness is having a little greediness. That’s right – greed is not always a bad thing. Wanting a little something for yourself is not necessarily a problem as long as you are doing it for the right reasons. If you are too greedy to the exclusion of everyone else or other things in your life, then greed can be bad. On the inside, we all want things. We all want a nicer car or a bigger house, so if you can use that bit of greed to propel yourself toward taking action, the all the better!

Should you feel guilty for wanting better things? Of course not! Don’t let others in your life tell you to suppress your desires for wanting more. There is nothing wrong with wanting more abundance in your life. Guilt can squash your dreams too. Protect yourself from feeling guilty for wanting more in your life. This does not always have to be material items either. It can be wanting more time, more freedom, more love. Just the sheer feeling of wanting more can often make you take action in a more focused manner. Then it is no longer about being busy, but being productive instead.

Make a list of what you really, truly want in your life. Once you have that on paper, you can start creating your game plan for achieving those things. Action steps are what create results. By knowing what you want (and often what you DON’T want), you can better focus on how to get there.

Laziness Breeds Inaction

By avoiding what you don’t want to do, you are giving way to inaction. It is like stopping on the side of the road while you are traveling across the country. Every time you stop, you are delaying your arrival at the final destination. You are creating halts in your progress. You are delaying the gratification of knowing that you have arrived. You are making yourself later and later which them gives you a feeling of having to rush. When you rush, you make mistakes and do low quality work in most cases. This can lead to failure which then makes you believe that you will always fail.

Laziness can start a chain reaction of things that you don’t want to have happen. Instead of giving in to the tantalizing allure of laziness, overcome it with action steps. List the things that you need to do in order to reach your goals and aspirations. As long as you are primarily working on these action steps, you are moving forward. If you are checking email and chatting on Facebook more than needed, you will know that you have moved off course. Having things in writing will give you accountability and a roadmap for how you will find your way to success. Plus, you will always be able to look back and re-trace your steps as you pursue other ventures in the future.



One Response to “Laziness: The Business Person’s Biggest Enemy”
  1. Laziness is indeed a big enemy. I tend to view successful business people as hustlers. At least every successful business person I’ve encountered have been hustlers to the core. If they themselves aren’t, the inside people that they have on their team who are responsible for making the business a success are. However, there are some cases where laziness isn’t the problem. I’ve seen the exception to this. There’s the case of the person who is a hustler by all means but still seem to be trapped inside the hamster wheel. That’s when ” prioritizing ” becomes the issue that’s keeping this person running here and there but still getting nowhere fast. Now mind you…I’m using myself as the example in question. I’ve been that person. Nice post. Glad to have found your site. I’ll try my best not to be a stranger. Keep hammering out the good insight. Peace.

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