How Fear Can Derail Your Success

Fear of success imageHow Fear Can Derail Your Success

It might be surprising for you to learn that 90% of the American public struggles with the fear of losing money. You may think that cannot be true because everyone wants to be rich and successful, right? Even though we all give a lot of lip service to wanting to be successful and have higher incomes, the majority of people are walking around each day with negative thinking patterns and a lot of fear. Because we have this fear of losing money, we don’t ever earn it. After all, why would your mind allow you to earn high levels of money if you are going to fear losing it? As a protection mechanism, your subconscious mind will prevent you from earning that money in the first place.

Are You Playing It Too Safe?

Many people who are starting a new business online or offline find themselves wanting reassurance that what they are doing will be successful. In reality, there is absolutely no way that anyone on the planet can assure you that if you start a new venture it will be successful. Let’s face it- sometimes our ideas fall flat. Sometimes we think things will work out and they just don’t. The timing might be wrong or the idea isn’t a good one. We all fail, and that is just a part of living and doing business. Not every idea or intention pans out. However, it is what you do AFTER that failure which will make or break your business.

Playing it safe is a game for losers. If you just want a second best business, then play it safe. If you want to run with the big dogs and get the bigger income, you have to take some risks. That is not to say that you should be careless and stupid about the risks you take. They should be calculated, thought-driven risks.

Another way that people can really screw up having money is by purchasing items that don’t return an investment. You see this a lot when people win the lottery or come into an inheritance. Instead of investing that money in a retirement account or mutual funds, they buy nice cars and vacations. People who are smart with money keep the money under control. They use it to build more wealth instead of using it on items that depreciate.

Decide Who You Are

As you set out to battle the fear that we all feel, you need to decide who YOU are. Are you the kind of person who needs reassurance and failure frightens you to the point of inaction, then you should have some kind of stable income to back you up until you are able to build a business. In other words, don’t quit your day job until you have built your new business to the point of being comfortable for you.

However, if you are person who is motivated by fear then do what it takes to get yourself pushed into action. Don’t be stupid and give up a full-time income just out of recklessness. Have a plan and work it. Educate yourself on a constant basis and make your car a rolling university. As you educate yourself more, the less risk you will have. Taking risks does not mean that you throw caution to the wind and jump into unknown waters. Go in with your eyes open and your mind full of information that you can use.

We have all heard the saying “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. This is the kind of person who succeeds in life and in business. They feel the fear just like anyone else, but they do it anyway. They are more prone to take action that other people. They see fear as a guidepost and not a roadblock. They use fear as a motivator and indicator of what needs to be done. They never look at fear as a stopping point, but more of a directional sign. Don’t be afraid of losing money; be afraid of never making any money in the first place because of your inaction. Take action, feel the fear and do it anyway!


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  1. Dario Hunt says:

    Great post. Glad to see there are others out there that feel the same way. Letting go of your fears and really giving yourself to someone is the only way to achieve your dreams. I have a whole website and brand dedicated to this very concept. Like the website keep em’ coming.

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