Meet Joe

I am a happy and successful stay-at-home Dad who had a strong desire to get off the “hamster wheel” of working long hours so that I could make a substantial income from home. Many people have the same dream I did, but have no idea how to find the inner strength and determination to make it happen. This blog is about just that. I plan to show you how I was able to create the life I love even when I only had barely a high school education.
I love the freedom of being with my wife and 3 great kids whenever I want. I travel the world seeing all kinds of different cultures and watching the reactions in the faces of my kids as they discover these new surroundings and people. If that is also your dream, you are going to want to spend a lot of time on this site.
Ever since I was young, I have worked hard. I worked in construction and started other businesses along the way, but I always looked at work as a tool that could allow me to live the life I wanted. It allowed me to do things like travel the jungles of the Amazon and visiting the ruins of Machu Picchu. Then, along came a wife and kids that changed my life and the way I think of things. Instead of just working to live, I lived to work because I needed to provide for my family. I know many of you can relate to what I am saying here.
I adore my wife and kids, but I could not spend the time with them that I wanted because I was always in the rat race trying to keep up. I felt like I was always running but getting absolutely nowhere. So, how did I go from that kind of lifestyle to the freedom that I have now? Well, I would love to say that it was easy and anyone can do it. Even though that is partially true (because it is not as hard as you might believe), the difficult part is coming to believe that you can truly be free.
Have you ever seen advertisements about working on the Internet? You know the ads I am talking about. These are the ones that tell you that you can make millions of dollars from your home. They say you can make $50,000 a week without any skills at all. They say, “Just buy this self-generating money machine for only $39 and you can do it too!” We all see these infomercials on TV or the snazzy sales pages online. Have you ever bought one of these programs? I know I did. I bought a bunch of them. Did you really think you would see success from it? You probably did or you would not have bought it, right?
When you think deep down in your heart of hearts, did you really think that spending $39, $50, $200 or even $2000 would give you that freedom you want in just a few short weeks? You see, it was not until I came to the conclusion that I would not succeed no matter how many programs I bought until I had the BELIEF that I could succeed. I would look at the programs, get some motivation and try some tactics before going right back to my same old routine.
How did it all change for me? Well, I changed it. I looked out there, saw what it took to be successful and started working. You have to work until you accomplish your goal. I was determined to work from home online and make enough to provide for my family. These “get rich quick” programs did not work so I set my own goals, managed my time and found someone who was doing what I wanted to do. I worked with them, kept my determination and never quit. I kept my goal in mind and kept going.
There will be obstacles and problems. When we see successful people, we don’t always see the obstacles they had. It is not about your intelligence, education or looks; it is more about your ability to get back up when you have been knocked down. So many folks run into a failure and stop down their path to success and give up.
I am a guy who barely finished high school, has always worked with my hands and is not good on camera but I have broken through the barrier and found success. You can read more on my blog to find out how I was able to overcome these obstacles and find the ultimate form of freedom.